Project Management

Project management (PM) means initiating, planning, controlling, controlling and completing projects. Many terms and procedures in project management are established and standardized.

Delimitation: The complementary counterpart to project management is process management. This standardizes and structures processes that are geared towards the efficient achievement of corporate goals that are not processed in the form of 'projects'. Project management (as a special case of processes) can therefore also be the subject of activities in process management.

At the start of a project the kick-off meeting, the sponsor and   project manager informs about the most important content and framework conditions of the project.

The kick-off meeting is the first official meeting of a new project. It should be carefully prepared.

Prepare Kick-off Meeting

The project organization with the steering committee, project manager and the responsible specialist departments ensure the success of the project.

Template Project Organization

At the start of the project, it is recommended to create a project charter, which is signed by the chairman of the steering committee.

Template Project Charter

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