The 6M stands for manpower, machinery, materials, methods, measurement and mother-nature. Below is the detailed illustration of the method.

1. Manpower. Whether the personnel's technology proficiency and experience are up to standard? Does the staff have quality consciousness, sense of responsibility and disciplines?

2. Machinery. Check the facilities' stability, functionality, such as the GPS device's precision and the cooling and lubrication state of equipment. If the machinery is rusting or eroding, the production efficiency may decrease. Find out solutions to regularly maintain and repair equipment.

3. Materials. Think about the materials' components, physical and chemical properties. Examine whether different parts match well. Are the material suppliers stable or not?

4. Method. To be more specific, the methodology, methods or techniques will affect the action's result. Other factors concerned are workflow, choice of technical parameters, technical guidance and the preciseness and execution of workflow.

5. Mother-nature. In plain English, the environment in production field, including temperature, humidity, noise disturbance, vibrancy, lightening, and indoor pollution will all influence the products or service.

6. Measurement. When it comes to measurement, the following factors need to be considered for correct results: measurement gauge, measurement method, calibration, measurer's fatigue, and readability of the results.


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