International Restructuring, Reorganization, Improvement of Results, Lean Coach

My name is Carlo Fromm and I live in Appenzell in Switzerland.

Since 1983 I am working as Managing Director and Plant Manager with international experience in multinational and midsize companies of the automotive supply and engineering industry

I am Hands on Manager, with clear communication, close to the staff, know and understand what happens and what is needed.

I guide my employees through clear target agreements and communication at all levels of the hierarchy. Work constructively with the works council.

Big experience in restructuring and turnaround of companies.

I have knowledge in all common lean methods (Kaizen, 6 Sigma, KVP, Toyota production system). Successful application of these methods for more than 20 years with proven success.

Versed in techniques to increase the productivity and improve the quality, reduce the working capital, and improve the delivery performance.



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