Multi-Moment Method

As part of a multi-moment study, random values ​​are recorded on the work processes of a team, an employee or a machine. The activities, functions or events are observed and noted on tours of the examination area at predetermined times. If such observations are made in sufficient numbers, the sample can be used to determine the totality and to make a statement about the proportions of the events, functions or activities that occur.

The advantages of the multimoment study include the comparatively lower recording effort compared to a full survey, the flexibility with regard to the desired accuracy of the results and the quick evaluation of the data. In addition, no personal data is created and the recording can be interrupted at any time and continued at a later time.

Based on the sample results, statements can be made about the temporal structure of activities and processes. A multi-moment recording makes your business happenings transparent, you recognize weak points and "bottlenecks". This creates the basis for in-depth process analysis and optimization. The results offer you the optimal basis for a continuous improvement process (PDCA) in the company.